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Casherp Bitrix24 Zoho
Manufacturing Management
Purchase Management
Recruitment Management
AI Module writing assistant
Inventory Management
Assets Management
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Marketing Automation
Human Resources
WhatsApp Business
File transfer & sharing
Customers & Leads Newsletter
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Track your income and expenses, easily and for free, with Casherp's accounting software.


Casherp allows you to get paid quickly by bank deposit, credit card, and paypal.

Customer Management

Casherp helps you to track leads lifecycle, followup with leads, sources, followup, launch campaigns, proposals and lot more


Comes inbuilt with lot of report to help business owners analyse every revenue, inventory, payments & human resource.

Purchase Management

Casherp automates the entire procurement cycle from creating a purchase requisition document to finally receiving the ordered goods and making the payment.

Marketing Automation

Casherp provides automation features across multiple aspects of marketing including email, social media, lead generation, direct mail, digital advertising, and more.

Access anywhere

Check your business data from anywhere, anytime. See live updates in realtime

HR Management

With HR management easily track daily attendance, shift management, leaves, payroll, Holidays, Departments, & Designations


Track client projects, invoices, and proposals/estimates


Manage your money like a boss

Casherp is the ultimate HRM, CRM and project management solution for businesses of all sizes. It simplifies your day-to-day operations with powerful, integrated features such as payroll, invoicing, sales, marketing, CRM, and purchasing. With Casherp, you can manage your workforce, track projects, and gain visibility into the success of your business.

Casherp vs Zoho CRM

Casherp and Zoho CRM are both robust business management software solutions designed to help businesses grow. Casherp offers an all-in-one solution, from invoicing to client relationship management. It is equipped with extensive sales tools and is an ideal choice for those looking for a comprehensive customer-focused solution. Zoho CRM, on the other hand, is a customizable


QuickShare - File transfer & sharing

Casherp is a versatile online file sharing platform designed to facilitate seamless sharing of multiple files among clients, partners, and colleagues. With QuickShare , you have the flexibility to send files either through email or via a shareable URL, allowing you to effortlessly collaborate and distribute content.

Casherp AiWriter - Content Generator

Casherp's AiWriter is an innovative module designed to enhance the functionality of Casherp. This powerful tool allows staff members to create high-quality content directly from their dashboard, as well as from the client panel of Casherp.


MailFlow - Customers & Leads Newsletter

MailFlow module is a feature-rich and advanced newsletter solution designed specifically for enabling businesses to effectively engage with leads and customers by creating and sending personalized newsletters.

Assets Management

Assets Management Module provides the ability of managing company's assets inside Casherp's dashboard. You will be able to separate your assets based on groups/locations/units and assign them to staff members.


Purchase Management

Purchase Management Module is an automated tool that enables companies and buyers to automate their entire procurement cycle from creating a purchase requisition document to finally receiving the ordered goods and making the payment. This advanced innovative process also passes through various points such as preparing a budget estimate, managing the spending, contracts, and suppliers with full control over purchase order.

Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management Module gives you the control you need over all aspects of production planning and materials management so that you can focus each day on increasing profits. Our flexible manufacturing management solution supports the entire spectrum of manufacturing styles, from high volume to engineer‐to‐order, and coordinates orders, equipment, facilities, inventory, and work-in-progress to minimize costs and maximize on-time delivery.


Recruitment Management

Casherp's Recruitment Module automates and manages your organization's recruiting and staffing operations. From posting your jobs to keeping applicants connected and engaged throughout, Recruitment Module lets you manage your entire recruiting process.

HR Payroll module

HR Payroll module allows you to pay your employees quickly and correctly every time you run payroll. The right system can shave hours off your payroll process, help you pay payroll taxes, and comply with labor laws.


Casherp's Appointly Vs Zoho Bookings

Casherp's Appointly is designed to manage your Appointments with ease, the module is designed for fast creating appointments to ease your communication with your contacts and also you can include staff as attendees, subject, description, date and time and many other features.

Facebook Leads synchronization

This allows you to sync your Facebook Leads through your Facebook page's forms with Casherp Leads. It uses oAuth connect, in order to get access to your Pages, and it allows custom fields to be synced between Casherp/ Facebook as well. You can also use it in multiple pages that you manage.


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Flat fee for 1 Company

  • 5 GB Storage

  • 84 invoices (monthly)

  • 4 Users

  • 5 Contracts

  • Tasks

  • Leads

  • Projects

  • Track income & expenses

  • Credit Notes

  • Proposals

  • Unlimited Contacts

$ 7.20



Flat fee for 2 Companies

  • 50 GB Storage

  • 8,400 Invoices (monthly)

  • 12 Users

  • 50 Contracts

  • Accounting 

  • Purchasing

  • Assets

  • Inventory

  • HRM & Payroll

  • Recruitment

$ 50.00



Flat fee for 3 Companies

  • 1000 GB Storage

  • Unlimited Invoices 

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Contracts

  • Manufacturing (add on)

  • Accounting

  • Purchasing

  • Assets

  • Inventory

  • HRM & Payroll

  • Recruitment

  • Marketing Automation

$ 1,200.00

Business Communication
for the 21st Century

Casherp provides the simplest and most powerful way to collaborate with your team.


Task Management

Planning,tracking, and reporting


Marketing Hub

Get the connected way to markets


Social Intranet

Enhance Internal Social Chats



Recording financial transactions easily

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have you covered.

Cloud-based software provides you a low-cost, secure & mobile software solutions. Compared to traditional software that requires it to install on a computer - cloud-based can be accessed from anywhere without any hardware dependency.
Casherp takes the complexity out of cloud-based ERP solutions. It is easy to learn and use, and can be set up quickly. Clients receive dedicated support from our team if they have any issues or questions, ensuring that their businesses run smoothly.
Casherp offers unique customization options that allow our clients to tailor the system's features to their specific needs. This cost-effective solution increases efficiency while allowing customers to avoid unnecessary costs. With Casherp, customers can also build interfaces to seamlessly integrate their ERP system with third-party solutions and other software that is crucial for their operations.
At Casherp, we understand that data security and privacy concerns are of paramount importance. As such, we take a comprehensive approach to ensure the highest level of data security and privacy throughout our ERP suite. This approach includes firewalls and advanced authentication measures to mitigate unauthorized access, database encryption to protect data stored in our system, and ongoing third-party security testing and monitoring. We also enforce
Integrating Casherp with other software solutions is easy and convenient. Our platform is designed to offer seamless support for popular applications such as QuickBooks, Magento, and Microsoft Dynamics, and is also built with powerful API integration capabilities. This means that connecting with partner software is simple and much of the manual work is already taken care of. You can get started quickly and with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on what's important - running your business.
Casherp's customer support team offers round the clock service. Our support services are available across different modes like telephone, online chat, and email. We guarantee speedy responses to.
If you are interested in taking Casherp for a spin, you can take advantage of our free 30-day trial and get a first-hand experience of our ERP features without having to make a purchase or commit to a contract. The trial period is a great way to decide if Casherp is the right solution for your needs.
Casherp's scalability features enable businesses to issue updates and upgrade their existing applications, all without changes being required on the underlying infrastructure. This valuable scalability feature also ensures that data is securely stored and can easily be accessed across the organization.
Yes, Casherp offers an extensive range of reporting and analytics tools to help you gain meaningful insights into your business operations. Our intuitive dashboards and customizable reporting features enable you to drill down into specific areas of your business to uncover detailed information about the financial and operational health of your organization. This includes metrics on sales performance, employee attendance, customer satisfaction, and more.
This is cloud-based software. You'll only need a device with an internet connection & chrome browser. It runs within the browser. No additional hardware is required. But you can use some hardware like barcode scanners, and printers for your convenience to speed up work.

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